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Doran Johnson

Choir Director - Westside High School

"One of the best parts of my teaching career has been traveling to Europe with M.A.M.T. I love to watch students experience history and culture firsthand. Add to that performing gorgeous choral music in some pretty spectacular spaces and you have the recipe for a life changing experience. Students learn very quickly that music indeed IS a universal language."

Image by Thomas Haas

Zack Bjornsen

Choir Director - Millard West High School

"M.A.M.T. provides an invaluable opportunity for students to grow as musicians, expand their horizons, and create cherished memories while visiting the most beautiful European cities. I am forever grateful for the transformative experience provided by M.A.M.T."

Image by Thomas Haas
Image by Morgan Thompson

Nathan Wallace

Choir Director - North Ridge Middle School

"The M.A.M.T. tour has been a life-changing experience for me as a high school student, college student, and now - teacher. The memories I created, the lessons learned, and the passion for music and cultural exploration that ignited within me will continue to shape my path throughout my career. I am immensely grateful to M.A.M.T. for curating this life-changing experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart."

Katelyn Wallace

Choir Director - Gretna High School

"The European Honor Choir Tour organized by the M.A.M.T. organization was a truly remarkable experience. The breathtaking views and rich cultural heritage of Europe provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for performances. The meticulous organization and attention to detail by the M.A.M.T. team ensured a seamless and hassle-free journey, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the tour. The students' horizons were broadened as they explored historic cities and embraced diverse traditions. The European Honor Choir Tour, made possible by the M.A.M.T. organization, will forever be cherished as a transformative and unforgettable musical adventure."

Houses in Tauber Germany
Image by Joss Woodhead

Brandon McMiller


"I had only been out of the country once before the MAMT European Honor Choir Trip. After graduating high school, the trip gave me eye-opening experiences that I could never have imagined back home. To this day I look back on the blissful memories of singing and site-seeing in France, Germany, Italy, and my happy place Lugano, Switzerland!"

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