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2025 adult&alumni tour

Day 1

  • International flight from Omaha to Glasgow, Scotland. All aboard the transatlantic flight!

Day 2
  • Drive to Edinburgh and visiting Stirling Castle and Blackness Castle along the way. 

Day 3
  • Sight seeing tour in Edinburgh.

  • Whiskey tasting. 

  • Performance in St. Gilles Cathedral.

Day 4
  • Travel to York and perform in the York Minster Cathedral.

  • Travel to Lincoln and perform in the Lincoln Cathedral.

Day 5
  • Morning performance in Coventry Cathedral.

  • Visit Warwick Castle.

  • Late lunch stop in Stratford on the way to Oxford. 

Day 6
  • Morning visit to Oxford, performance in Oxford Cathedral.

  • Visit Highclere Castle.

  • Visit Windsor Castle.

Day 7
  • Day trip to London via the Tube.

  • Performance in St Paul.

  • Visit Buckingham Palace.

Day 8
  • Performance at the Canterbury Cathedral.

  • Drive to visit the Cliffs of Dover.

Day 9
  • Free day in London!

Day 10
  • Fly back to the US and end in Omaha. 

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